The Options and Benefits

2022-12-12 16:03:56

The best massage would vary and depend on individual preferences and body conditions. At ChiFootSpa, we offer many massages for men, ranging from gentle detox treatments to cupping to help relieve muscle tension. In addition, there’s a whole host of treatments to choose from, ranging from health-enhancing treatments to long-term life-improvement massage packages that can be tailored to the needs of the individual.

ChiFootSpa Massage and Spa focuses on overall wellness and offers a program based on treating the outside to harmonise the inside—a holistic concept inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. All treatments combine a professional massage with the use of reputed, advanced products of the highest quality and blends of essential oils and plant extracts chosen for their specific benefits.

If firm pressure and pain relief rank high on your list of demands, consider a vigorous sports massage for total realignment that lasts much longer than the physical massage itself.

The Benefits

– Office work and domestic issues can add stress to your body. Getting a massage is a well-known stress reliever, plus it’s also time for a digital detox-an opportunity to switch off your phones and relax your mind!

– Exercise can lead to sore muscles, cramps, DOMS – A massage is an excellent way to soothe sore muscles and speed up recovery.

– If you’ve got a muscle or tissue injury, proper massage helps increase blood flow, which increases the healing rate.

Our Client’s Top Picks for Massage

  1. The Back massage – is a traditional favourite. The massage offers optimal relaxation and tension release. Try cupping, hot stone or a Swedish back massage as a variation.
  2. Sports Massage – at ChiFootSpa is geared towards optimising muscle condition and ensuring muscle recovery. Athletes use it to remain in peak condition despite rigorous training. It is also helpful in recovering from and preventing sports-related injuries.
  3. Deep Tissue Massage – an intense massage with considerable pressure to destress the affected area; it can even help relieve chronic pain.